Design & Preconstruction Services


If you're building a new commercial project in Seattle or Puget Sound, you need a contractor who'll work with you every step of the way.

Nelson Electric is the contractor with the broadest base of industry knowledge in the area.

Whether you have your own design team or need a contractor with design expertise, we are at your service.

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Preconstruction Services

With roots that reach back to 1951, Nelson Electric was a pioneer in the design/build team approach to construction. Our experience helps up provide you with money-saving assistance as a valuable member of your design team.

As part of your preconstruction design team, we ensure the project is done properly and to code.

From the earliest project planning through completion, we offer the following Preconstruction Services:

  • Conceptual budgeting and estimating
  • Detailed cost estimates at every stage of the design process
  • Constructability considerations and value engineering or analysis
  • Pull planning and resource-loaded construction schedules
  • Long lead procurement planning
  • Efficient pricing models that maximize value

Nelson Electric's step-by-step involvement in the design process is a valuable cost-control measure. We help you avoid costly mistakes.

Nelson Electric believes in maintaining balance in every project. We cover all the bases:

  • The creativity of the architect
  • The design team's electrical systems strategies
  • The potential service capabilities determined by the engineer
  • The costs for both initial installation and long-term maintenance/upkeep

You can also count on your Nelson Electric preconstruction team to take you through the construction phase to the completion of your project, ensuring continuity and consistency at every step.

Design Services

If you don't have a design team, Nelson Electric can provide that service as well.
Nelson Electric performs all aspects of design for:

  • Electrical layout
  • Network cabling
  • Life-safety systems
  • Low-voltage communications
  • Lighting schemes

In fact, our designers have won numerous awards for their innovative lighting solutions.

Staff members at Nelson Electric serve on several committees that focus on energy efficiency. And they also serve as members and leaders on committees and boards for both the regional and national electrical industry.

Nationwide, Nelson Electric's name is synonymous with quality electrical design and energy efficiency.

The Design/Build Approach

Our unique Design/Build Team approach is responsible for maximizing a building's utility.
Armed with the developer/owner's budget and design criteria, we get to work with a collaborative design process.

This ensures the developer/owner gets the best design possible while remaining within the intended budget.

We believe that our Design/Build team approach results in:

  • The least expensive overall design
  • The lowest possible project construction costs
  • The lowest long-term building maintenance expenses
  • Combined, you get the best Total Cost of Ownership possible.

If you need a design/build advisor or team in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, call us at (206)523-4526.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a common practice in today’s construction industry.

At Nelson Electric, we use this intelligent 3D model-based process to create quality documents and models to help plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. The focus of this invaluable process is to bring all trade partners to the table to increase productivity, safety, and minimize construction and installation issues in the field.

Learn more about how BIM matters to the success of your project.

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